' Medlock Ames - Vineyard


We believe in reviving elegance in agriculture and strive to maintain a natural balance in our vineyards and surrounding forest area. The land we farm is our greatest asset and we take every precaution to nurture and protect it. We’re small but mindfully farmed – only making wines from grapes we grow ourselves at Bell Mountain vineyard.

Bell Mountain is a special vineyard. It took us two years of searching to find the hidden parcel located at the southwestern tip of Alexander Valley - where it meets Knights Valley and Chalk Hill appellations and overlaps into the Russian River Valley. This vineyard is unlike any other and combines steep hillsides with growing conditions similar to that of Bordeaux – perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

We chose to protect these unique attributes by farming organically - no artificial chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used to grow our wines. Instead, we promote healthy, living soil that nurtures, feeds and protects our vines and embrace age-old, low impact farming methods like animal husbandry, crop diversity and old-fashioned hard work. These natural, low impact farming methods allow the vineyard to shine through in the fruit.